This program is designed to help TOP EXECUTIVES find and achieve their objectives through personal, professional and business growth. 

Top Executive Membership gives each participant access to the information and tools needed to stay current and focused in today’s competitive business environment.

Top executives can have a difficult time keeping up with all that they need to know to effectively operate and grow their businesses. Day-to-day pressures can keep them from the “important, but not urgent” part of running the operation and planning for the future. They may have the desire to learn more, to get new ideas, to get feedback from trusted advisers – they often don’t have the time or the resources. And it’s lonely at the top.

With membership business owners and top executives solve 5 common business challenges:

Make better decisions

Get the organization accountability in check

Continued and sustainable revenue and job growth

Remove isolation (its lonely at the top) from the role

Instill positive change

What do others say about membership in executive forums?

“My business has increased 212%. My stress at work is way down. My attitude is way up. I now take three Fridays off each month to spend on me and my family.” President, Food Industry

“The forum meetings have significantly influenced by future business plans and my profit margins have increased.” – Owner/President, Financial Consulting Company

“I gain so much from helping and hearing how presidents solve their problems.”– Owner/President, Medical Device Company

Often it is lonely at the top – But it doesn’t have to be

Generally, no one within the company can really help the top executive with fresh ideas, not only because they will usually tell them what they want to hear, but also because they only see what’s within the company. The result is the top executive faces these challenges alone.

This is where Renaissance Executive Forums step in. The program provides these business leaders with the chance to spend concentrated, focused time in a safe environment with their trusted peers. They share ideas and learn new tools and systems to help them take their companies to the next level – and beyond. Think of it as a living M.B.A. engagement in your business.

The Top Executive Membership is actually a three part offering designed to develop and solve long term objectives.

PART I – Monthly Forum Meeting

Each top executive is paired up in a Forum Group consisting of eight to twelve other top executives from non-competing companies and a professional facilitation coach that has been trained and certified in Renaissance Executive Forums methodologies. The forum group meets monthly for half day sessions that are highly interactive and consistently structured.

PART II – Quarterly One-on-One

Once a quarter you will meet one-on-one with your Renaissance Executive Forums group leader from Blue Onyx. This meeting will have several agenda items and will, over the course of time, be tailored to your specific needs and preferences. This is an opportunity to get direct input and advice from the chairperson. One of the primary purposes of the quarterly executive coaching session is to accelerate meaningful change.

PART III – Annual Strategies for Success 2-day Retreat

To remain focused on achieving their ideal future, executives need to step back periodically and assess where they are and where they want to go.

Our annual two-day “Strategies for Success” planning retreat enables you to:

  • Assess how you’re currently running your business and your personal life.
  • Gain self-awareness and insight from other top executives.
  • Explore practical strategies for improving your business and personal life.
  • Place focus on your highest priorities.

Spouses are invited and encouraged to participate.

 The ideal Candidates is:

  • A top executive with a title such as: Founder, Owner, President, CEO, Executive Director
  • A growth minded individual and can share looking for growth
  • An organization or business that is established, meaning it has surpassed the initial startup growth mode and is now running into a glass ceiling. In truth, many businesses find that the glass ceiling is always there and even once broken through another is likely forming.

What specifics can the program help with?

Our focus is on solving problems and increasing profits. We help individuals at the top deal with their unique challenges.  Here is a sampling of topics, however, almost any business problem is open to discussion in a safe environment.

Samples of topics in the educational component:

  • Creative problem solving
  • Leadership: a CEO and a Owner
  • Customer service best practices
  • Key financial performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Communicating to influence
  • Executive compensation
  • Motivating employees to peak performance
  • Developing a marketing plan


  • Address issues, opportunities, and challenges
  • Leverage collective experience and expertise
  • Build communication bridges from those that have the knowledge and experience on an issue to those that need it

Samples of Issues, Opportunities, Challenges

  • Do I have the right executive team?
  • Long-term employee is not cutting it – what can I do?
  • I’m thinking of taking on a partner.
  • Am I over paying my controller?
  • Should I outsource human resources?
  • I want to pass my business onto my youngest daughter.
  • I can’t find the right VP of Sales.
  • Should I consider merging with a competitor?

One-on-one coaching

  • All the items above plus:
    • Follow-up on the implementation of action items developed
    • Identification of additional personal and business needs
    • Review of personal and business strategic plans


  • Different perspectives on issues and challenges
  • Occasionally break-through ideas!
  • No-holds-barred advice from peers who have fought similar battles
  • Advice that is unfiltered and unbiased
  • Challenging questions from peers
  • Alternative or adjunct to traditional board