Believe it or not

Do your beliefs align with ours?

We believe that great organizations not only exist but thrive in today’s world.  The efficiency of capitalism, the drive of success, and ultimately the experience that a great organization can give its customers, employees, and owners:

  • Growth Imperative:  We believe that in an ever changing world, in order to compete we need to be challenging the status quo and pressing for growth at all three levels: personal, professional and business;
  • Abundance:  We believe that those that are aligned to bring value will have an abundance of opportunities;
  • Capitalism:  We believe in a balance of the value created and the value received which in turn is measured in the results in the marketplace. How one competes, wins and succeeds is determined on how they adapt to the ever changing world that we live.  Capitalism keeps us keen, keeps us moving and keeps us striving to succeed.
  • Intentional:  We believe that being intentional matters.  Whether it is a strategic decision or a simple choice of today’s tasks, operating with intent and positive action matters to the result and its overall alignment with an organization;
  • And we believe that with great intent, every business can be a great business and that we at can help this happen.

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Author:  Jeffery (Jeff) Eschak CPA, CMA

Updated: December 6, 2017

Company: Blue Onyx Growth & Leadership Advisors Inc.

Head Office Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6R 2T7