Jeffery Eschak, CPA, CMA

I founded Blue Onyx in May 2017 in my home base of Edmonton.

My aim is to provide CEOs and executives with the opportunity to advance their business by sharing collective wisdom.

I’ve been privileged to work closely with a number of Fortune 500 companies through which I’ve experienced the ups and downs of the market, successful and failed business implementations, and the weight and responsibility of the families my efforts help support. On top of my experience, I am a non-traditional accountant: numbers are good – strategies are better. Today I look to help local businesses leaders breakthrough to their next level of success.

In my study of leadership, I have come to understand three main things:

  • Learning is continuous,
  • Systems are essential, and
  • 10 minds beat one mind.

Renaissance Executive Forums offers all three.

Renaissance Executive Forms – Alberta

Blue Onyx is the Alberta extension of Renaissance Executive Forums. Our purpose is to increase the value and wealth of member organizations, their leadership, and the families they serve. I own the exclusive rights and access to knowledge and services provided by Renaissance Executive Forums for Alberta and Saskatchewan.  Since 1994, Renaissance Executive Forums has been providing knowledge based value through peer advisory forums, training, and executive coaching services.

Why do we do it?

Today more than ever we believe small-to-medium organizations need to succeed. They:

  • are at the stage to help grow our economy,
  • support many local families that rely on their continued growth for their personal income and well being,
  • are the key to innovation that will keep us competitive into the future.

One simple fact is that large organizations have access to greater resources. What the solution? A peer advisory group.

Small-to-medium sized organizations have unique challenges.  Their leaders often struggle but seek to:

  • make strong decisions,
  • align accountability from strategy to implementation,
  • grow and sustain growth,
  • operate in isolation without the strength of others,
  • keep up with the speed of change and accelerate change within.

We help these small-to-medium organizations and their leadership achieve their objectives. This, in-turn, improves the overall well being of the extended families that serve them.

How do we do it?

We will predominately help exclusive members share modern and proven management fundamentals to achieve their  goals. We will:

  • find relevant knowledge and share it profusely,
  • provide free assessment and initial services,
  • support local non-profits with reduced membership costs,
  • help struggling startups with some of our knowledge to help them get a footing towards success.

Our disciplined and proven approach ensures your organization’s objectives and accountability is aligned for greater success. We keep a balanced focus on top executives through personal, professional and business growth initiatives.