Thank you for considering as a potentially aligned Growth & Leadership Change Agent to accomplish your organizational objectives.

We operate on an exclusive basis and if you have any questions or would like to be considered for membership/partnership, please contact us here.

About (Blue Onyx Growth & Leadership Advisors Inc.) currently operates in Alberta with a purpose to increase the value & wealth of the member organizations, its leadership, and the families in which are served. Founded in May 2017 by Jeffery Eschak CPA, CMA purchased the exclusive rights and access to knowledge and services provided by Renaissance Executive Forums for Alberta and Saskatchewan.  Renaissance Executive Forums has been providing knowledge based value since 1994 through peer advisory forums, training, and executive coaching services.

Our Why Measurements into a Visual Ball

Mission and Vision Ball. Add 5000 jobs, help 250 local Business, help 25 non profit members

Our Why?  At we are here for the leaders of small-medium organizations

Today more then ever we believe that we need small-to-medium organizations to succeed. They:

  • are at the stage to help grow our economy,
  • support many local families that are reliant on their continued growth for their personal income and well being,
  • are the key to innovation that will keep us competitive into the future

The trouble is that many of these organizations need help and they don’t have access to the resources that the large organizations have access to.

As a result, operating a small-to-medium organization often has many challenges.  We are noticing that many leaders of small to medium organizations are often struggling but looking to:

  • make strong decisions,
  • align accountability from strategy to implementation,
  • grow and sustain growth,
  • operate in isolation without the strength of others,
  • keep up with the speed of change and accelerate change within.

Our Why is to help these small-to-medium organizations and their leadership achieve their objectives that in-turn improve the overall well being of the extended families that serve them.

Our How? At, we share.  Sharing is at the Core of what we do:

  • We will find relevant knowledge and share it profusely;
  • We will provide free assessment and initial services;
  • We will support local non profits with reduced membership costs;
  • We will help struggling startups with some of our knowledge to help them get a footing towards success.

Our How is that we will predominately help exclusive members with sharing modern and proven management fundamentals to achieve the members goals/objectives and in turn Our Why.

There is no secret sauce but that doesn’t mean easy.  We have a disciplined approach to using proven methods to ensure an alignment of objectives and accountability throughout our members organizations. We will maintain a balanced focus on the owner/top executive through personal, professional and business growth initiatives.

Our Measurements?  Our directive at is to improve the well being & wealth of over 12,500 local families annually.

Over the coming years we look to:

  • add 5,000 jobs into the economy through our members,
  • help over 250 businesses find and achieve their 10 year objectives that support many employee families in wealth development,
  • achieve $1 Billion in our members extended annual revenues that add to continued investment in these families,
  • invest time in helping 25 local non profit organizations achieve objectives that in turn support families.

Our Values

The great game of golf teaches us many lessons that apply beyond the game itself.

See our golf inspired Core Values here