The Management Team Membership focuses on increasing overall management effectiveness to achieve the top executive’s objectives and vision.

Does the entire management team work together with an aligned purpose and goal? Does it communicate effectively? Is the organization working at its optimal level? Has the organization grown recently or has it been sitting flat with the market?

Top and key executives know a problem exist, but don’t know how to solve it. With our help, organizations take the steps towards alignment, not just at the management level, but also throughout the organization.

Today’s ever changing environment is extremely challenging and needs the whole management team to come together and build continuity in the business. Without alignment at the executive team level, the overall organization suffers and the long term vision can never be fully achieved.

With membership, business owners and top executives solve five common business challenges:

Make better decisions

Get the organization accountability in check

Continued and sustainable revenue and job growth

Remove isolation (its lonely at the top) from the role

Instill positive change

The Essentials Plus

The Management Team Membership is about getting the top executives and the management team on the same page. It can include the following essential and optional components to the program:

Essential I –  Quarterly Coaching Session

The management team, the top executive, and the professional facilitation coach meet quarterly for a check up.  We agree upon objectives and measure progress against them. The team continually learns the many perspectives within the company that are essential to solving the issues and problems that exist enabling them to capitalize on the opportunities that are uncovered.  This session includes a quarterly check up to the annual plan which ensures each team member has quarterly objectives that tie to the overall direction and work towards developing the next annual plan.

Essential II – Annual Business Planning Session

The management team, the top executive, and the professional facilitation coach meet annually to capture the year in review and finalize the plan into the next year.  Agreed next steps and alignment are key to the internal accountability system

Essential III – Top Executive Program

The top executive gets the coaching and guidance through the process. For more information, please see Top Executive Membership.

Optional I – Annual Retreat

Attendance in an individualized specific corporate retreat or partake in our combined annual strategies for Success Retreat (1 or 2 day).

Optional II – Key Executive Membership

Although not essential, some executives on the management team may want to partake in the Key Executives Membership.

The ideal candidate is:

  • A top executive with a title such as: Founder, Owner, President, CEO, Executive Director
  • Looking for a better aligned management team, looking to push past your team’s plateau to spark growth or gain stability in the organization, looking to resolve recurring issues that may be getting worse
  • Growth minded
  • Part of a business or organization has grown and has a number of full time managers.  Typically a manager that oversees people and functions such as operations, finance, administration, sales, marketing. Or managers that oversee geographic areas or a multiple of business functions.  You may even be a director or VP that oversees other managers.

What specific issues can the program help with?

Once the management team is on the same page, we help improve their effectiveness at developing and running the business together. The result is clarity in many of the following areas:

  • Key accountabilities defined and assigned
  • Stronger business strategy
  • New market strategies
  • Higher performance from a product launch
  • Better awareness to risks that exist
  • Better manage the current weaknesses
  • Remove the individualistic ideals and lean on each other for their strengths
  • Identify and deal with a negative trend
  • Change direction effectively
  • Documented and followed procedures
  • Sales operations alignment
  • Ability and willingness to scale the business
  • Develop bonus programs that work
  • Improvement in employee satisfaction
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Improve margins and profitability
  • Key performance measurements
  • Decrease reliance on key customers
  • Decrease reliance on key suppliers
  • Develop and implement business exit strategies


  • Sleep better knowing your management team is with you
  • Enjoy going to the office as the problems are being handled
  • Vacation without worry (and your cell phone)
  • Increase the value of the business to you and to perspective buyers