Thank you for considering as a potentially aligned Growth & Leadership Change Agent to accomplish your organizational objectives.

This program operates on an exclusive basis with limited spots available. If you have any questions or would like to be considered for membership/partnership, please contact us here.


Our KEY EXECUTIVES Forums program is designed to develop key leaders  in your organization.

Do you have an executive that needs skill development beyond your time and patience?

  • This program helps solve a very costly problem that many business owners need to solve. Business owners and CEO’s look to us to help develop their senior leaders and managers to create action and ownership in aligned objectives.  The Key Executive program keeps the Business owner/CEO focused on running the business.

With Membership a KEY EXECUTIVES solve 4 common business challenges:

  1. Make better decisions
  2. Get the organization accountability in check
  3. Continued and sustainable revenue and job growth
  4. Instill positive change

Monthly Forum Meetings

This program provides the skills and tools to those individuals who will play a major role in taking your company to the next level.

Each Key Executive participates in a Forum Group consisting of 6 to 12 other Key Executives from non-competing companies. These are no-nonsense resource meetings. Our purpose is to provide your Key Executives with an environment that helps them learn and address today’s leadership and management challenges.

In these meetings our members focus on important issues and opportunities by using a highly interactive and proven process that draws on the experience and expertise of the group. Our focus is on solving problems, increasing profits and dealing with the unique challenges faced by these leadership individuals.


Ideal Candidates include:

  • KEY EXECUTIVE role reports directly to Top Executive and can be considered on the executive team
  • Usually as a member of the Top Executive program, the Top Executive is looking for improved alignment or skill development with the KEY EXECUTIVE
  • KEY EXECUTIVE is Growth minded and can share in our Core Values

What specifics can the program help with:

The monthly forum meeting has three main components.  Here is a sampling of the topics however almost any business problem is open to discussion in a safe environment:


  • Member selected topics
  • Outside expert or professional facilitator delivered
  • Highly interactive
  • Keeps members informed and abreast of current trends


  • Creative problem solving
  • Customer service best practices
  • Key financial performance indicators
  • Communicating to Influence
  • Motivating employees to peak performance


  • Address issues, opportunities, and challenges
  • Leverage collective experience and expertise
  • Build communication bridges from those that have the knowledge and experience on an issue to those that need it


  • Long-term employee is not cutting it – what to do?
  • Need help with our sales growth strategy?
  • Our business development role is no longer performing to expectation.


  • Detailed business overview
  • State-of-the business review using a proprietary template
  • Focus on several of the most pressing issues that members face
  • Keeps members informed and abreast of current trends


  • Different perspectives on the issues and challenges
  • Occasionally break-through ideas!
  • No-holds-barred advice from peers who have fought similar battles
  • Advice that is unfiltered and unbiased
  • Challenging questions from peers