Thank you for considering as a potentially aligned Growth & Leadership Change Agent to accomplish your organizational objectives.

This program operates on an exclusive basis with limited spots available. If you have any questions or would like to be considered for membership/partnership, please contact us here.


This program is designed to help the Entrepreneur grow and develop their business.

Are you a small business owner that is looking to grow but needs help? The business may have many moving parts that don’t let you focus on working on the business.

With this program we focus on top and bottom line growth; develop and execute strategic objectives; attract, retain and develop top talent; create a better work life balance; and ensure that the business owner has an exit strategy built into the plans.

  • This program brings a group of Entrepreneurs together 6 times a year to learn, grow and create their ideal level of success.

Ideal Candidates include:

  • Would you consider yourself a Entrepreneur that the bank knows you as: Founder, Owner, President, CEO of a small business.
  • Maybe all the components of the business are not yet ironed out and you are looking to get help and guidance but you do have revenues of $500k to $3.0M last year
  • Are you Growth minded and can share in our Core Values.

What specifics can the program help with?

Our focus is on solving problems, increasing profits and dealing with the unique challenges faced by individuals at the top.  Here is a sampling of topics however almost any business problem is open to discussion in a safe environment.


  • Creative problem solving
  • Leadership development
  • Customer service best practices
  • Key financial performance Indicators
  • Communicating to Influence
  • Compensation strategy
  • Motivating employees to peak performance
  • Developing a marketing plan


  • Address issues, opportunities, and challenges
  • Leverage collective experience and expertise
  • Build communication bridges from those that have the knowledge and experience on an issue to those that need it


  • When do I hire a manager?
  • Employee is not cutting it – what to do?
  • I’m thinking of taking on a partner.
  • What Benefits should I offer?
  • Should I outsource functions?
  • I want to pass my business onto my youngest daughter.
  • We are struggling with a market?
  • Should I consider merging with a competitor


  • All the items above plus
  • Follow-up on the implementation of action items developed
  • Identification of additional personal and business needs
  • Review of personal and business strategic plans


  • Different perspectives on the issues and challenges
  • Occasionally break-through ideas!
  • No-holds-barred advice from peers who have fought similar battles
  • Advice that is unfiltered and unbiased
  • Challenging questions from peers
  • Alternative or adjunct to traditional board