Our 2 day CORPORATE RETREATs provide a great value to our customers.  The content is already built and ready to be scheduled for your organization.

See our upcoming blog post as to why someone would consider doing a corporate retreat for themselves or with their team.

What is included in our CORPORATE RETREAT program?:

  • Content is the result of collaboration with some of the world’s top renown authors and thought leaders (scroll to the bottom to see a sampling)
  • Professional facilitation
  • Event planning and customization available
  • Professionally printed workbooks for attendees

The CORPORATE RETREATS are designed to help Organizations:

  1. Position for growth
  2. Improve business knowledge
  3. Develop higher engagement

The CORPORATE RETREATS helps attendees explore practical strategies that help achieve:

  1. Personal goals
  2. Professional development
  3. Business objectives

Ideal Audience:

  • Top Executives (Business Owner, CEO, Executive Director)
  • Key Executives (Reporting to Top executives)
  • Management (ownership of strategy or function or has staff reporting to)

Please speak with us to determine the suitability and scheduling. Tell us what you are trying to accomplish and we can see if we have any relevant topics in our library of available retreats. Customization may be available.  Scheduling typically is 2-6 months in advance.

The high value content was developed and delivered to our Renaissance Executive Forums membership across 10 countries during our member retreats.


1> Can we bring the investment down by bringing in other companies to the corporate retreat?

  • Yes, the investment needed to cover our costs per attendee will decrease with more attendees.  The content can easily be adapted to multiple companies in the room.

2> What can we customize at the event?

  • many items can be customized however some of the content should not be customized as it is the result of much collaboration with the authors and thought leaders of the content and customization of this nature becomes cost prohibitive
  • Corporate branding, focused discussions and added activities are definitely items that many businesses want to have some degree of customization to the event

3> Who plans the event?

  • This is a detail that we can own entirely or share in.  A properly planned event has many elements that need to be completed and we are happy to be a turn key solution and run it entirely or just be part of your team if you have a team that normally participates in these types of activities.  Shared planning will likely decrease the investment needed to hold the event.

4> What is the investment?

  • it is really difficult to answer this question as the variables include number of attendees, location and services included and any degree of customization included.  We are very competitively priced for this world class turn key experience and I urge you to contact us to start the discussion around your budget.

Corporate Retreat Topics

Here is a sampling of the many topics and collaborations that are the root of our CORPORATE RETREAT offering:

Andrea Kates – Business Model Canvas

David Allen – Getting things Done

•  Jack Stack – The Great Game of Business Introduction

•  The Breakthrough Company

•  Chip Conley – PEAK – How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow

•  Denise Lee Yohn – What Great Brands Do

•  Ted Leonsis – Business of Happiness: A Higher Calling

Tony Hsieh:  Deliverying Happiness and instilling core values

•  SCALE: Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back