Jeffery Eschak CPA, CMA – Specialized in Growth, Leadership and Results

After 15+ years of leading and creating success in small and large business, Jeff founded Blue Onyx Growth & Leadership Advisors Inc. to help solve business challenges that exist today for small to medium companies.  Now partnered with Renaissance Executive Forums, Jeff looks to positively impact 12,500 local families annually through sharing of great business practices.

Jeff’s success as a Growth Agent is evidenced by the following sampling of past strategic projects:

  • 1.5x Growth in 12 months – general revenues bounce back growth during an economic downturn
  • 3.5x Growth in 18 months – complete turnaround of a failing sales operation
  • 8.5x Growth in 60 months – development of a under-performing vertical market
  • 10x Growth in 36 months – strategies that jumped revenue of a sluggish product category

Jeff provides a unique Leadership Perspective. As a relentless learner of modern yet proven leadership practices, Jeff builds employee engagement, accelerates quality strategic decisions, and improves alignment of organizational accountability.

Jeff ensures that advances in growth and leadership turn into Financial Results.  With Jeff being a CPA, CMA Chartered Accountant, he maintains an eye on the numbers and ensures that the results are found in the income statement and balance sheet.